We got the dreamers disease


I am currently sitting outside Scooters at Village Point.  Yes, I’m being that guy that utilizes public WiFi on his portable whatever.  I’m vacillating between feeling pretty hip and looking like a douche bag.   I usually write in the privacy of my house in the middle of the night.  FYI it’s 2:00pm now so don’t call security.  I just picked up this new case/keyboard for my iPad.  It’s kind of amazing.  You snap the iPad into it face down and it works like a protective case.  Then you take it off and use it as a bluetooth keyboard.  Turns your iPad into a little laptop.  So then you start thinking well why not just buy a small laptop and get even more function and memory?  Well why not just buy a lot of things, right?  I mean do more with less if possible.  That’s the idea I think.  I’m not sure if this qualifies.  FYI I’m typing right now on the new keyboard/case.  It’s a lot easier than using the on screen keyboard of the iPad.  I’m also currently listening to the ipod app at the same time.  I’m feeling pretty high tech.  I’m using earphones so as to not disturb anyone around me and to completely isolate myself in privacy in the middle of Village Point.  Ok no more vacillating, this is douchie.  I felt compelled to shoot out a quick new blog/blast.  I also seem to be doing a lot of the per/slash thing, if you haven’t noticed.  I’m starting to write a bit like I text.  Like young people talk.  Can we still call them X’ers or did that handle stick with the first gen that got called that?  They’d be getting up over 30 by now I think.  If you haven’t picked up on this yet, this post is all over the place.  Stream of conscience.  OK busted, I’m having fun typing on my new keyboard/case, my house is being painted and I’m temporarily without cable or Internet.  It was fine when I was in the mountains a few weeks ago but…well I’m not in the mountains anymore.  I think the music playing is throwing my focus.  I don’t need help throwing off my focus.  My new bifocal contacts help my focus a bit but the thing I noticed about these is that you end up sacrificing a little on both ends.  Not so great seeing far away and to read close up you end up furrowing even deeper lines in your forehead than a disappointing scowl.  I gotta check the fine print to see if the same company doesn’t manufacture botox as well.   OK so speaking of music (just hang with me) I’m currently listening to “You Get What You Give” by the New Radicals. Remember them?  No I don’t s’pose you do.  They were a 1 hit wonder, but if you gotta just have one hit, this one’s a beauty.  So, now I’ve said both, busted and beauty just to highlight the fact that I’m actually a bit beyond the X’ers age.  Back to the song, “You Get What You Give”.  It’s easy enough to pass it off as 90’s pop fluff but as it turns out it’s one of the greatest “get off of your ass and dance or do something new or just party and smile” kinda songs there is.  Really, just give it another listen and turn it up loud.  Makes me want to be spontaneous and rebellious like go over and rip that guy’s bandana off his head and tell him he’s not really a biker if he wears a suit all week.  Actually he’s not a biker if he owns a suit.  He’d probably deck me and say hey douche bag, my kid bought me this for Fathers Day and my wife thinks I look sexy in this Affliction shirt (skulls, crossbones, dragons and stuff).  “We’ll kick your ass in!  Can’t – for-get, you only get what you give.” (song still playing) Ideally, this whole post would be a much better read if done whilst listening to the song.
Dammit the keyboard/case just ran out of batteries.  In my zeal to try it out I didn’t take time to charge it.  I’m not doing this right.  Not to mention Adrienne has now moved us to our third table to keep out of the sun.  This is a train wreck.


  • Hahahaha! I cannot wait to get my iPad and keyboard/case thing! Love that song!


    September 5, 2011

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