She’s The One

“She’s The One” written by Karl Wallinger of World Party. One of the first times I played the song was for my mom’s wedding. Now I dedicate it to my wife, Lyndsey Sena that puts up with all my late nights being a musician and doing what I love. Thank you babe.
Tom Sena: vocals, keyboard, drums
Terry Olson: guitars, bass
Video and audio editing by Tom Sena
Every video clip is the actual take of each audio track recorded. No overdubs or fake playing or lip-sync. Mixed with Audition and Premiere by Adobe. Terry and I have played off and on together for many years. We have similar taste in music and this project is something that we hope will be ongoing which allows us to play the songs we love together, but not really together.


Beautiful Music


It was almost 7pm Tuesday night when I pulled up. I had played this gig a few times before and pretty much knew what to expect. I brought my kids with me as I’ve done before since its a family event. I arrived late as usual and didn’t have time to chat or even take in the surroundings for that matter before we started playing. The band was all there and set up in a courtyard outside. It was a beautiful night and it looked like we were the closing act of a party they must have had outside under tents. I had worked all day, went straight to get my kids which my daughter was feeling a little sicky and weepy, and then drove all the way out there, grabbing my only meal of the day on the way,…a drive thru grilled chicken simulation of food.