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Baby Dog Mama is my new company along with partner Darcy Michalek. This is the official start of what has long been a passion of mine. I’ll tell that long story soon enough but what I’m here to do is to introduce our first product, Dog Shampoo.

Dog Shampoo is the first product from Baby Dog Mama. It’s the first of 3 shampoos. One for your baby, one for you and one for your dog,… incase you were wondering where the name came from. Mama and Baby shampoos are coming soon. I wanted to develop shampoos that were good and safe for you, your baby and your dogs but also safe for the environment. What I discovered working with hair products and hair for over 30 years in the beauty industry is that products can be formulated to try and do too much. In doing so, products can create problems for some people or dogs while helping others. Too many ingredients can also cause unknown interactions or more often just waste. I asked several veterinarians what ingredients they liked and didn’t like for shampoo. I was surprised to hear that some of the leading shampoos had ingredients they liked for some dogs for specific conditions but not for most. This matched what I had become aware of working with high end people shampoo. Less is more. This is where I started. So I formulated our shampoos with as few ingredients as possible while keeping them safe and stable. I’m proud to say our dog shampoo has only 8 ingredients and it’s vegan!

We are being conscious of each stage from creation to end of life of the container. We have plans in the works on packaging that I’m so excited about but can’t quite announce yet. But for now we are using temporary packaging on what is essentially a sample and limited run of our Dog Shampoo as a way to introduce our line and get us up and running. We also want to start to gather our tribe. You will be as important as anything in this endeavor.

Finally, as a way to do the most we can to give back with this company we made the commitment to give a bottle to a shelter or deserving organization for every bottle we sell. We figured whatever mistakes we make along the way, which will be many I’m sure, we can at very least do a little bit of good if we can just stick to that commitment of sharing.

Welcome and gather all Baby Dog Mamas!

Our Dog Shampoo can be purchased online at and at any Garbo’s Salons and Spas in Omaha, NE.


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