Thank you. I think you’re neat.


I’m not kidding, I really do.  Whether you are a regular client that I see in the salon or one of our online T’eez shoppers from around the country or just a reader of my posts.  I’m thankful for you and you mean a lot to me.  If you come into the salon you probably know I’m not one to touch base with everyone.  I promise I’m not being aloof.  I do care and I see you.  I’m not a natural schmoozer in one on one situations with people I don’t know.  It’s a flaw in this business, I know.  I’m actually more at ease with a roomful, a class or an audience.   I’m sure there’s a psych professional out there that could tell you how screwed up this probably is.

But that’s why I hired Dylan to run the front desk.  He gives more customer service than I’ve ever seen anyone, anywhere give.  It’s just the way he is.  I take no credit except that I was lucky enough to get him to work for us.  I love how he takes care of our clients.  He makes my day every time he sets foot in the salon as I know he does for you.  I’m thankful for Dylan.

Becca, is the pretty young woman that is often sitting next to him or flying solo at the front desk.  She adds her unique touch of style and beauty to the front end.  I’m thankful for Becca.

Nikki is the new face you see up front working the desk.  Yes, she is beautiful, yes, she is always cheery and sweet and efficient taking care of us and our clients and yes she is my cousin.  I love my little cuzzy.  I’m thankful for Nikki.

Marion works our desk during summers and school breaks.  She is gorge and hilarious.  I mean ridiculously funny.  Spit out your drink funny.  She also happens to be my kids’ favorite babysitter.  I’m thankful for Marion.

What can I say about my stylists?  They are the engine, the heart and soul of T’eez.  They are so talented.  I learn at least as much from them as they do from me.  Sometimes it’s in subject matters that I’d be arrested to repeat here but they keep each other and me informed and current in all things trend.   I’m proud and honored to get to lead them.   I’m stealing this line from a movie…, “I wish I could squeeze all of you into one pretty woman.”  I am soooo thankful for Lacey, Carmen, who run our training program now and Ashley, Justine, Jamie, Bev that round out our senior stylists and Katie, Larisa, Dora our newer hired rock stars and finally Anastasia, Alyssa, Lindsay and Ellyn, all rising talents that have been through the T’eez wringer.

I am grateful for my business partners in a way I can’t possibly express.  These are people that invested in what they believed about T’eez and I guess in me in one of my most difficult times.  How crazy is that?!!!  Seriously, it’s just too humbling to really understand that kind of faith and generosity.  I am so excited that after some crazy moments back then and a bit of a roller coaster that is nature of small business, that we are now in good times again and with a great outlook in spite of a difficult economy.   I am thankful for Addie Hollingsworth, Mary O’Connell and their poor husbands Robert and Jim.  I kid.  These guys are a classy bunch and they inspire me everyday.

All of these people represent a big part of my friends and family.   But, of course my relatives and friends outside of T’eez have also once again showed me how amazing and supportive their love can be.  I am so thankful to all of you.

Finally, for my kids.  Uh oh… here come the water works.  OK, I apologize and promise I’ll be brief.  I just want to mention that beyond loving them so much that I ache for them when they aren’t all over me, they have had to endure my… uh… colorful life.  I’ve given them plenty to deal with that they didn’t ask for and did nothing to deserve but it’s their Dad’s life and they’ve inherited it.  Lucky them.  Living in the wake of my messy life, they ceaselessly continue to love me unconditionally.  Trust me, I’ve gone way out of my way to prove that their love is indeed, unconditional.  Through all of my tribulations they remain.  On top of me, in my face, fighting each other to sit next to me, making fun and light of my personal issues, embarrassing me any chance they get.  They keep me grounded and I’ll never be able to love them enough.  I don’t know if I do as much for them as they do for me.  It’s like our new Dog, Sam.  We just got him from the humane society and people have commended me for “saving” him, as if I pulled him out of a burning building or something.  I got him on half price day and I’m lucky to have him.  Truly, I don’t know who is saving who.

Thank you all so very much.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Thomas Sena


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