Well hi,

Wow, it seems there has been a lot going on recently and there is, understandably a lot of misunderstanding out there in the wake of T’eez Salon closing.  It’s been brought to my attention that some people are still holding gift certificates and there are brides that were booked at T’eez.

Let me try clear up just a few things by simply telling what I know to be true:

  • I founded Thomas Sena The Salon in 1997 on 110th and Maple.
  • I coined catch phrase, “Get Your Hair Cut Dammit”, inspired from a quote of my grandpa cursing at me.
  • I started a second location and called it, “T’eez Salon” in 1999 in One Pacific Place, Omaha, NE.
  • Yes, “T’eez” was a play on my name Tom, as in, “Hey let’s go to T’s salon.” It is also a play on “teasing” hair as well as a tongue in cheek on me teasing you. Cuz I like to act silly and have fun.
  • I created and launched T’eez Hair products in 2006 with a really great guy from the North.
  • I moved T’eez 3 more times.
  • T’eez Salon and Hair Products were purchased in 2009 by two very cool couples here in Omaha, but I stayed to run T’eez as General Manager.
  • I resigned from T’eez in March of 2014 for my own reasons, but with hope that T’eez would carry on without me.
  • In April 2014, I began working for Garbo’s Salons and Spas (Village Pointe, Oak View Mall and Midtown Crossing locations) as Media and Online Marketing Specialist and as a Stylist.
  • I now do hair at the Garbo’s Village Pointe location (look below for info on Brides and Gift Certificates below).
  • On May 17th, 2014 T’eez Salon closed. 🙁

So there it is, 15 years. I won’t comment on the whys or hows or what ifs or I wishes or would’ves, should’ves or could’ves, and I certainly can’t express all the many things I feel. I will simply say this…
Thank you!

I mean it. Thank you to all involved. All of the partners, owners, managers, stylists, receptionists, assistants, cleaners, sales reps, educators, students, friends, family and of course, our clients. We did some good and had some fun doing it!

Life goes on…

The choice is yours to go wherever you want to get your hair done. I so appreciate you, and would love to have you book with me or any of the very talented staff at Garbo’s. I can promise great care will be given to you and your family!

I have been loving Garbo’s. The owner’s of Garbo’s at Village Pointe, Oak View and Midtown Crossing, Darcy and Mike, the management and the staff have all been incredibly welcoming and accommodating to me and my clients. I feel so fortunate for have found a new home. I’m having a riot doing hair in a gorgeous salon with talented people and promoting all the fun and exciting things going on at Garbo’s Salons and Spas.
Garbo’s offers a full service hair salon and day spa. They do it all…really well. Skin care, facials, makeup, massage, manis and pedis.
I do hair color again too. (I’ll even give you $25 off color with me till the end of May.) I have almost 20 years experience coloring and was trained as an educator for an international color company, not to mentioned trained dozens of stylists over the years. Ok, maybe hundreds. wow, I’m old.
Myself or Garbo’s has no obligations to T’eez Salon or their clients legally or otherwise.

However, we’d like to reach out to clients that might looking for help. (All subject to approval on an individual bases)

  • If you are a bride that was booked with T’eez through the end of 2014 I at Garbo’s Village Pointe, along with all the Garbo’s City wide will honor the regular wedding package that T’eez had: bride’s get free hair with wedding parties of 6 or more. A deposit must be given to secure your booking. Call 402-991-2227 for Village Pointe or any Garbo’s in Omaha. garbossalons.com Thank you to all the Garbo’s Salons and Spas.
  • If you are holding a printed gift certificate that we can verify, I, along with all the Garbo’s city wide will honor the value of that gift certificate on a single visit.
  • We are unfortunately not able to verify the value of any gift card (we just do not have that same card swiping system) so we can not give you credit for those.
  • FYI, Groupons for T’eez can be dealt with at groupon.com. They have their own method of reparations in this type of situation.

If you are a client, or have never been a client but like to follow my posts, you don’t need to do anything. I’ll send the occasional blurb about this or that as I’ve always done.
If you wish to be removed from this emailing list, then please follow the “unsubcribe” link at the bottom of this email.

Kind regards,
Thomas Sena

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