I occasionally highlight an establishment, service or something that makes a positive impression.  For those of you not in the Omaha area I apologize.  But get here soon, jeez.  This one is kind of no brainer for me.  Just a few doors down from T’eez Salon at 158th and Maple is a classy joint called 7MGrill.  It used to be 7 Monkeys.  Not too long ago there was a change in management.  It seems they kept the best of what they had and added some great new elements.  They transformed it into a nicer dining experience.  But beyond that they have a new menu.  They have a lot of great new stuff but let me be brief.  Last week I had the best tenderloin I’ve had in years. I’m no food critic so I can’t get more technical than to simply tell you my mouth is watering just writing this.  Great new menu, great food, new look, nice staff and management.  Nice but casual.  Give it a try if you haven’t recently.   Tell ’em I sent you…  And they’ll say, “who?” Check out their site!

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