Goodbye, Hello


No other day of the year elicits more pause, reflection, gratitude and anticipation all at once.  It is often unavoidably bittersweet.  This New Year’s Eve is proving to be just that.  I speak for myself but I know full well many share similar feelings on this day.  Certainly, there is much to be thankful for, such as our new faces on staff at T’eez.  They bring us all new eyes, ideas and enthusiasm.   I’m also thankful beyond words for those of my crew that have been with me through thick and very thin.  I know I don’t tell them enough how much they mean to me.  I love these people and I am forever indebted to them and am so happy to be in better days.  Our new ownership partners have proven to be an invaluable addition to T’eez.  They enable me to live my dream everyday and to show my thanks I will make sweet love to them all.   Oh ya, I just went there.  I gonna get crazy in 2011, just you wait.  We got all high tech on you this year.  We now offer online booking and text notifications for you.  We’ve done a lot of work with the T’eez hair product line and been thrilled at our clients devotion to it and how quickly new users become raving fans.   Jeffrey’s Salon is still doing great work in Grand Island with T’eez Products as well.  Jeffrey is an oasis of style and innovation in central NE.  2011 will bring many more announcement about T’eez Products. 
But I did say Bittersweet.  It’s also been a year of change, close calls and loss.  Without getting into it all I’ll just mention this one reflection.  During these holidays as I enjoyed my favorite Christmas songs I seemed to be haunted by one single lyric in one song.  The song was Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and the single lyric was,
“if the fates allow.”   I couldn’t shake it.  Perhaps because I had some close calls and new concerns with my Dad’s health this year and more recently the loss of one of my partner’s dear father.  I couldn’t help but think about those that the fates do not allow.  The loss of loved ones that you could not longer have a merry little holiday with anymore.  Although inevitable,  my heart goes out to those of you that have suffered  loss and feel that absence, especially during the holidays.  I wish you peace.
So what’s ahead in 2011?  Hmmmm?  *Well for starters I hope to make it though another year without watching Jersey Shore.  *I’m about to hit the cap of 5000 friends on facebook so I’m hoping I get a gold watch or something.  No? You don’t think so?  Eh.  *Like I said before, you can look for lots of great things from T’eez Salon and Products.  *More online offers in these blasts and on facebook and Twitter.  Check for offers that are huge and just silly to help ring in the new year.  Hey speaking of silly, you know what I’m gonna do in 2011?  *I’m gonna bring a little more of the crazy into the salon.  You’re gonna hear me more as I scream out your name when you hit the door.  There’s a good chance I’ll say the wrong name as you know I have a mental condition with this.  But none the less you can enjoy me screaming someones name to welcome you.  *More fun in general at T’eez.  I may even bring back karaoke…don’t tempt me.  I got all kinds of ideas.  *Also I am personally committed to bringing on new clients.  I love new blood and I’m opening my books to accommodate more newbies.
Let’s see what else…. Ok how bout this?  *I’m gonna get ripped in 2011.  Yep, I’m gonna run up to the desk before you check out and make you feel my abs.  Yes, even you fellas, damnit.  But not until they are in fact, ripped.  So you might have an out there cuz I hate gyms. 
So there y



ou have it.  As my friend Corey would  say, “Hey 2010, why don’t you make like a baby and head out!”  I’m outa here! 
Let’s make 2011 amazing, off the chain, crazilla, beast, sick,  killah, huge, lawge, hip, gorge, totes mcgotes, kookie, lovely, cutie-patudie, OKrrrrrr! 
All that and more. 
Who loves you baby?  T’eez does!!! 
Merry New Year!   It’s beef jerky time!  There’s plenty you know.    



Thomas Sena



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