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Happy Halloween.  Hi, did I scare you in the subject line when I said, Boo?  Hmm, did I, did I?  OK, true confessions, I’m a bit of a freak about Halloween.  As a kid I remembered the particular houses that did a better job then everyone else with their scary displays.  Even in my sugar fueled zeal to canvass our predetermined route designed to maximize our yearly candy haul, I was still impressed with the scary houses.   Trust me that’s a big deal because that candy had to be enough to last me until Easter the following spring.  What about Christmas candy you ask?  Nope, our Christmases were more like homemade fudge and other old school confectionery that didn’t only keep long but didn’t taste good in the first place.  I’m sorry, but Mom’s assemblage of sugar, lard and flour just couldn’t compare to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or Snickers Bar’s scientific engineering by the same guys in white coats I’m assuming moonlighted at Phillip Morris and Dow Chemical.  It’s probably not just a Christmas thing, cuz I’m guessing it would be the equivilant of Jewish kids preferring the machine wrapped milk chocolate coins over Bubbie’s halvah wrapped in wax paper.
My candy had to last through the long midwestern winters until finding Easter baskets full of chocolate bunnys, Peeps, and of course the most important part of this most holy of holidays, Robbins Eggs.  For the unenlightened, these seemed to be malted milk balls with pastel colors.  But I was convinced Brach’s surely had a priest on staff to bless these eggs which explained why they were heaven in my mouth.   But I digress!
I have begun a Halloween tradition of doing a haunted house at my place, harkening back to those houses so long ago.  But, of course I go way too far.  I confess some of the younger kids refuse to step foot onto my front yard (grave yard).   Oh it’s all just fun stuff and my kids love working it as much as going out trick or treating.  Stop on by….ya right like I’m gonna tell you where I live!  But you can come in to T’eez and see our costumes around Halloween.  Our staff goes all out!
Hey, have a very Happy Halloween!  Boo!  Got ya!



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