I had the unwelcome honor of cutting a lot of length off a few of my clients recently.  Unwelcome, because of the reason.  But also an honor.  I’ll explain.

I got two separate calls from…, OK, texts from two friends of mine to ask what I thought about cutting their hair off?  Like, really cutting it off.  Not a totally unfamiliar question for a hairstylist.  But these two texts happened to be from two clients that didn’t know each other, sent to me the same week and were both unfortunately, because they had been diagnosed with cancer and were about to undergo chemotherapy.

I’ve had this question posed to me a few times before for this reason and I always respond with a resounding, “Yes, let’s do it!”

In a world, their world that must seem to have spun out of control, this is a single point of control.  A preemptive strike.  It’s their stand against this horrible disease.  “Cancer, you will not take my hair.  I’ll cut it off on my own terms, before you have the chance, you bastard.”   Come to think of it, I think I’ve had this said to me a time or two for other reasons. But I digress.

There have been some advances on medications regarding hair loss during chemo and not everybody will lose their hair anymore.  Your oncologists can usually tell you if you will lose your hair or not.  But if you will be losing it, waiting around for it to fall out randomly, in random areas, in random situations is not what I have heard is the way to go.  But it’s very personal and it’s definitely out there.  It’s a big deal.  I don’t take anything about this lightly.  Hairstylists have made hair their life’s work.  I get it.  The important part of this is that the choice is yours.


It’s really a beautiful thing and I encourage all who are or will ever have to think about this prospect, take the power.  Take it in stages or just go for it and try a hot new pixie or go G.I. Jane and shave it!  Your stylists are waiting to help you.  And I, for one could not be more honored.


For all those that have given me this honor, thank you.  Especially these two recent short cuts… I’m thinking of you and will see you soon.

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