3 Tips For a New Hair Style


Look around on TV and in magazines at celebs or whoever for a cute hair style and cuts you would like to try. Take pics of peeps’ hair you like or cut out magazine pics and bring a few options in to your stylist. Or ask your stylist for a few specific ideas on styles and cuts.

You know all those things you have been told about your hair or all the things you always tell your stylist you have to have or can’t have i.e. “I really need a lot of height here cuz…” or “I have a round face so I have to have…”? Hmmmm? Take all those preconceived notions and rules and put them in a box while you really consider something new. A new style is a new style. It’s not “what can you do different as long as you don’t do anything different.” Allow yourself and your stylist to consider a new style. Those cuts you picked out of magazines probably have nothing to do with your preconceived notions you have about yourself and your styles. You liked those cuts in the magazine so why not consider them on you? Even if they don’t have height where you always think you need it or anything else. Your stylist should be able to help you decide what can and can’t work with your hair. But they also should be able to make something new work for you no matter what.

Finally, remember your hair is your most important accessory. I’d go further and say it’s more important than the clothes you wear. The modern man and woman wear their hair for no other reason than decoration. It’s the only thing that is physically part of you but totally for looks. You don’t need it, so why not have fun with it? Imagine wearing the same outfit year in and year out? Or worse yet wearing the same outfit cuz it’s easy to get on and off and you don’t have to think about it or work on it cuz you’re used to it. That’s called a uniform. Is that what your hair is? Come on, you deserve better. Try new cuts, colors and new ways to style your hair. Flat out ask your stylist to show you a new way to style your hair. Every time you go in. Your hair grows back and most changes are adjustable. Do it for you. This is why I’m always saying, Get your haircut dammit! I’m not just yelling at you. I’m cheering you on!

Thomas Sena


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