The Church We Chose

There’s a lot a beautiful ways to get married… all special in their own ways.  Obviously, it’s the marriage that counts more than the wedding.  Lyndsey and I decided to go away and get married, just the two of us, for several reasons. Mainly, because we felt it would be just for us. We had some crazy ideas but with no real way of knowing if or how it could happen. I now know it wouldn’t have happened without the invaluable help of our photographers, Marlene Rivera Montesino and Alfredo Riverllano and our officiant, Joel Lopez and very trusting bride. Mother Nature had her hand in this as well and we didn’t mind being upstaged by her beauty.  We thank you all.  Our dream wedding came together and transpired around us, beyond our imaginable hopes and dreams and will never be forgotten.  I love you so much Lyndsey and I’m over the moon that we did this and you got your dream wedding.

This is the wedding of Thomas Sena and Lyndsey Victoria Sena.  The song is “The Falls” by Ennio Morricone, which it seems was written for this moment.  Photos and Video by Marlene Rivera Montesino and Alfredo Riverllano.  Movie edited by Thomas Sena.



Happy New Year


This is a video of my 2013, chronologically. Many friends, coworkers, band mates, clients and, of course my family. Thank you for making it a year worth remembering again.




My son, Eon is turning 14 tomorrow. God I love this kid. I can crumble into a blubbering, sobbing mess at the drop of a hat thinking about my kids. Its like that.
Eon is the big brother. He’s generally horrible to his little sister. I’ll straight out tell him to quit being such an ass to her. I hate it. But it does tend to make those sweet moment when I catch him being decent to her , even sweeter. I try to explain More…


Mad Hatter

mad hatter