Eclipse 2017 Totality in Beatrice, Nebraska

Was it worth the miles and hours stuck in traffic to see the eclipse in totality? 100% These videos and photos do not come close to the real thing. Especially, because I had no idea how to shoot an eclipse. It just doesn’t come up that often. But it was more than just a cosmic event.  More than hanging with Bill Nye.  It was a celebration of science.  It felt like a communion of the good people of earth.  It was also Nebraska in it’s small town, big heart nature.  It was an experience I’ll never forget.

8-21-17 Homestead National Monument, Beatrice, Nebraska with Bill Nye and a hundred thousand other peeps.

(please click settings cog on bottom of video and set to HD and turn up the volume)

Thomas Sena: Video, Photos and Video Editing.

Music: Grass – Silent Partner

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She’s The One

“She’s The One” written by Karl Wallinger of World Party. One of the first times I played the song was for my mom’s wedding. Now I dedicate it to my wife, Lyndsey Sena that puts up with all my late nights being a musician and doing what I love. Thank you babe.
Tom Sena: vocals, keyboard, drums
Terry Olson: guitars, bass
Video and audio editing by Tom Sena
Every video clip is the actual take of each audio track recorded. No overdubs or fake playing or lip-sync. Mixed with Audition and Premiere by Adobe. Terry and I have played off and on together for many years. We have similar taste in music and this project is something that we hope will be ongoing which allows us to play the songs we love together, but not really together.


I Made Cheese

Homemade vegan cheese


John Wetherby, Adventurer

The Adventurer

As we were walking the riverfront we came upon a single kayaker coming in to port. Then a few gathered to help bring him in and we discovered we were witnessing the end of a great adventure. Sixty eight year old, John Wetherby from Anchorage, Alaska kayaked down the Missouri River from Helena, MT to right here in Omaha, NE. I learned his daughter lives here. I don’t know much more about this man or his story, but it kept me up all night. I may never know but it’s not my place to pry anymore than I already have. I was inspired by his achievement and beg John’s and his family’s pardon by posting this. I can only imagine what amazing tales he most certainly has lived. Over 2 1/2 months and 1600 miles on water and over 11 dams. What moves a person to such an endeavor? Thank you for inspiring, sir. -additional pictures from Aelwen Wetherby and Pioneer Lodge. Music and soundtrack from the motion picture “A River Runs Through It”.


Video by Thomas Sena


Elope to Puerto Rico

Lyndsey and I eloped to Puerto Rico.  This is what happened…


More Wedding Hair

Here’s a few looks from the Unfauxgettable bridal event I styled.  


If there was ever a Fifth Beatle…

Here was a trained musician, engineer, arranger and producer of classical music that instead of shunning these brash, long haired, untrained kids that wanted to create this unheard of rock music, he recognized talent and not only gave them the keys to the candy shop, but taught them how to use it. Thank god for George Martin’s genius, insight and open mindedness. A lesson for all time.

George Martin… by