Eclipse 2017 Totality in Beatrice, Nebraska

Was it worth the miles and hours stuck in traffic to see the eclipse in totality? 100% These videos and photos do not come close to the real thing. Especially, because I had no idea how to shoot an eclipse. It just doesn’t come up that often. But it was more than just a cosmic event.  More than hanging with Bill Nye.  It was a celebration of science.  It felt like a communion of the good people of earth.  It was also Nebraska in it’s small town, big heart nature.  It was an experience I’ll never forget.

8-21-17 Homestead National Monument, Beatrice, Nebraska with Bill Nye and a hundred thousand other peeps.

(please click settings cog on bottom of video and set to HD and turn up the volume)

Thomas Sena: Video, Photos and Video Editing.

Music: Grass – Silent Partner

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The Church We Chose

There’s a lot a beautiful ways to get married… all special in their own ways.  Obviously, it’s the marriage that counts more than the wedding.  Lyndsey and I decided to go away and get married, just the two of us, for several reasons. Mainly, because we felt it would be just for us. We had some crazy ideas but with no real way of knowing if or how it could happen. I now know it wouldn’t have happened without the invaluable help of our photographers, Marlene Rivera Montesino and Alfredo Riverllano and our officiant, Joel Lopez and very trusting bride. Mother Nature had her hand in this as well and we didn’t mind being upstaged by her beauty.  We thank you all.  Our dream wedding came together and transpired around us, beyond our imaginable hopes and dreams and will never be forgotten.  I love you so much Lyndsey and I’m over the moon that we did this and you got your dream wedding.

This is the wedding of Thomas Sena and Lyndsey Victoria Sena.  The song is “The Falls” by Ennio Morricone, which it seems was written for this moment.  Photos and Video by Marlene Rivera Montesino and Alfredo Riverllano.  Movie edited by Thomas Sena.



A Quick Blowout with Mary


To Blathe

This is a texturizing technique I call “Blathing” as in, “to Blathe”.


From Dark to Bey


Freshen Up for Massive Volume!

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Dylan takes a bow

We bid farewell and good luck to our front desk guy, Dylan last week. Dylan Hartnett had been with T’eez for over 6 years. He recently graduated from UNO and took a job in his field of study with Methodist College in marketing/social media.
It was a warm summer morning years ago the day I found him pouring coffee at my favorite breakfast cafe, Vidlak’s. Actually, he found me. I had given a different server my card and told him to come apply if he ever considered working in a salon. The truth is, I’d hire any of Vidlak’s servers because they have the magic touch at employing hard working, nice people which is largely why I love that place. Anyway, that server happened to be Dylan’s boyfriend at the time and a few minutes later Dylan came out (no pun intended…who am I kidding, yes it was!) and said hey my boyfriend isn’t interested but I’d LOVE to work at T’eez! So that’s how it began.

If you have been in T’eez the past 6 years, you’ve probably met him and been impressed one way or another. You don’t cross paths with Dylan without remembering him. He’s loud, ridiculous, funny, crazy, over the top and at times a handful but I tell you what, he can tell you any client’s name, what their kids are up to, where they’ve been on vacation, what’s their zodiac sign, who’s their favorite Real Housewife and a whole lot more. He loved all of our clients and they loved him. I got a front row seat at the Dylan show everyday and I loved every minute of it. No matter what kind of day he might have been having behind the scenes, he never missed a beat being welcoming, complimentary and friendly with our clients.

He developed a brother/sister relationship with the sylists. You know how you’ve never wanted to kill your brother right? I did my share of refereeing but at the end of the day they often went out together and I’d hear their stories (not all the stories) the next day.

Dylan lost his beautiful, sweet mother to cancer pretty early on at T’eez. I only had the chance to meet her a few times but it’s easy to see that she shined bright in Dylan’s life and personality. I think she always let him be who he wanted to be and she loved him dearly. Dylan’s dad and siblings make it obvious that he’s had a very open and loving upbringing.

He made no secret that he looked at me like as a surrogate father, of sorts, not only because of my nurturing and sage advice. No, it was this sit/com he always had rolling in his head, staring him and me. Well, him and everyone else. For my part, he told me we would be at an award show, on stage together, accepting an award as father and son and then my real son, Eon would walk in, see this and freak out. More than his desire to be my son, I think he just wanted to see the look on Eon’s face and then hear the crowd roar. This and so many more scenarios came to be known in Dylan’s running Reality Show/ Sitcom.

The front desk and management was taken on by Brooke quite a while ago while Dylan finished up school and she has quickly become our go to gal for all questions and answers. She’s mature beyond her years and besides being hard working and reliable she is eager to please our clients and keep them happy. She is complimented with our other 2 star desk workers, Becca (Dylan’s BFF) and our new addition, Marti. I mean there’s 2 of them….not that they’re only 2 star. They are at least 4 star. Welcome Marti! By the way, ask Marti anything about cheese. (She was formerly the “Cheese Wiz” at HyVee)
You may still see Dylan from time to time as he will still work special events for us as time permits.

Dylan was a bright (and really loud) light that couldn’t be missed at T’eez while he was here, but will surely be missed now that he is gone. We thank him and wish him the very best and I know our clients do as well. Enjoy this short video of The Kid in action.
If you wish to leave him your well wishes or favorite moment with Dylan please leave your comments below.