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The Secret is Out. Eat Here Now

For a long time this little restaurant¬†was the best kept secret. ¬†That’s no longer the case. ¬†I¬†have always loved how close it is to my house in the 156th and Center area. ¬†I have tried a lot of other good Thai restaurants in town but I personally liked this one the best. ¬†They have a hot sauce that is made there and although it doesn’t always treat me well the older I get, I can’t lay off it. ¬†I start to crave it about 3 days after I eat there until I eat there again. ¬†But they have great dishes of all kinds from¬†asian to middle eastern cuisine. ¬†I personally love one of their specialty menu items called Kang Ho. ¬†There is an English name but I just remember that one in parenthesis. ¬†They know what I like anyway so I don’t have to ask. ¬†I get it with veggies and tofu as I no longer eat meat. ¬†But enough about the food cuz I don’t think this keyboard is drool proof. ¬†They seemed to have changed management a few years ago. ¬†Maybe a son or relative took it over. ¬†I don’t know the story cuz¬†we just ¬†know each other as frequent guests but haven’t talked in any depth. ¬†Since then they remodeled and did an impressive upgrade to their website. ¬†They menu has stayed relatively the same. ¬†It’s a tiny place but it’s now very contemporary¬†and quaint. ¬†Very straight forward decorating which is¬†perfect for the size. ¬†On my girlfriend’s and my last visit we were struck by how busy it has gotten. ¬†It was a Saturday night and we got there early, before 7. ¬†It was already busy and they only have one actual waiter, the manager (owner?) and 1 or 2 in the kitchen. ¬†We weren’t in a hurry so we¬†just sat back and watched them handle their new found success. ¬†They were running and some people were getting a little restless. ¬†More and more people kept coming in and were piling¬†up front. ¬†I loved it. ¬†Eventually, we all got our delicious food with a smile and apology. ¬†No one starved to death. ¬†Yes, it took longer than usual, but like I said we weren’t in a rush. ¬†I congratulated the frazzled manager on my way out. ¬†It’s a beautiful thing to see good businesses¬†and good people do well.

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