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Dad Hat


I recently had one of those realizations that only happens when u reach a certain age.  It’s the age that your parents or teachers or someone that was in your life when you were a kid and you thought they were soooo old.  Certainly, older than you’d ever be.   Well it’s happened, I’m that old.  But that’s not my big realization.  It’s a lot of things actually but this one is about why my Dad would always wear his hats in the most peculiar way.  Or just the fact that he at times chose to wear a particularly goofy looking hat.  It became known as “Dad Hat” to us kids.  He did this mostly around us kids on outings and especially on vacations.  We would even imitate this behavior by placing a hat high atop our heads, carefully not letting it even remotely look like its going to stay on and then say to our siblings, “Hey look, I have Dad hat.” More…


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