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Elope to Puerto Rico

Lyndsey and I eloped to Puerto Rico.  This is what happened…


The Church We Chose

There’s a lot a beautiful ways to get married… all special in their own ways.  Obviously, it’s the marriage that counts more than the wedding.  Lyndsey and I decided to go to Puerto Rico and get married, just the two of us, for several reasons. Mainly, because we felt it would be just for us. We had some crazy ideas but with no real way of knowing if or how it could happen. I now know it wouldn’t have happened without the invaluable help of our photographers, Marlene Rivera Montesino and Alfredo Riverllano and our officiant, Joel Lopez and very trusting bride. Mother Nature had her hand in this as well and we didn’t mind being upstaged by the beauty of the Cascada Las Delicias.  We thank you all.  Our dream wedding came together and transpired around us, beyond our imaginable hopes and dreams and will never be forgotten.  I love you so much Lyndsey and I’m over the moon that we did this and you got your dream wedding.

This is the wedding of Thomas Sena and Lyndsey Victoria Sena.  The song is “The Falls” by Ennio Morricone, which it seems was written for this moment.  Photos and Video by Marlene Rivera Montesino and Alfredo Riverllano.  Movie edited by Thomas Sena.



More Wedding Hair

Here’s a few looks from the Unfauxgettable bridal event I styled.  


Vlogs and Podcasts

I’ve been inspired from my friend, Molly Thompsen Wootton who is always interested in getting recommendations for Movie, Books and TV Shows. I love peeking over her shoulder to see those lists. I’m going to expand the categories and recommend a couple Podcasts and Vlogs that I love. I’ll give short descriptions in case you haven’t heard about them.

IMG_2492(2)Podcasts: Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin. This is an interview podcast he does in NYC. Regardless of your personal feelings about Alec, he’s a really good interviewer, informed, curious and yes, has that great voice. He has great guests and is truly a great raconteur. I haven’t listened to a boring one yet. The second one is Radiolab Podcast. Now, I like this cuz I can geek out on odd stuff so I don’t know how into this you will be or not. I know you’d love some of them because they have a wide breadth of subject matter. Everything from science and technology to extremely personal and touching stories. I love their production and no matter how mundane the subject matter seems like it will be, it isn’t.  This American Life is the third. Duh, right? I assume you’ve all heard of this and already know how great it is. Someday I’ll hang out with Ira Glass (I get them from iTunes free, I think)

IMG_2493OK Vlogs: I dip in and out of these usually for short binge sessions. The beauty of both Podcasts and Vlogs are that I can often multitask during or listen in the car (podcast more so). For anyone in business startups or really any kind of business (who isn’t?) especially social media or online stuff, I recommend Gary Vaynerchuk‘s DailyVee and/or his AskGary show. Great biz nuggets and day-in-the life stuff. The other is Casey Neistat‘s vlog. It’s all day-in-the-life stuff and it’s hard not to get sucked in. He’s been around for a long time and is hugely popular. His life unfolds before your very screens for the last 10 years. Very New York, very candid and honest without an agenda. Pure voyeurism. I get both these on Youtube and/or Facebook. I have others I look in on here and there but these should be pretty widely appreciated. Feel free to let me know if you any recommendations I can’t live without but please don’t give me a list of 20 that I’ll never get to. Happy consuming.


If there was ever a Fifth Beatle…

Here was a trained musician, engineer, arranger and producer of classical music that instead of shunning these brash, long haired, untrained kids that wanted to create this unheard of rock music, he recognized talent and not only gave them the keys to the candy shop, but taught them how to use it. Thank god for George Martin’s genius, insight and open mindedness. A lesson for all time.

George Martin… by


A Quick Blowout with Mary