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John Wetherby, Adventurer

The Adventurer

As we were walking the riverfront we came upon a single kayaker coming in to port. Then a few gathered to help bring him in and we discovered we were witnessing the end of a great adventure. Sixty eight year old, John Wetherby from Anchorage, Alaska kayaked down the Missouri River from Helena, MT to right here in Omaha, NE. I learned his daughter lives here. I don’t know much more about this man or his story, but it kept me up all night. I may never know but it’s not my place to pry anymore than I already have. I was inspired by his¬†achievement and beg John’s and his family’s pardon by posting this. I can only imagine what amazing tales he most certainly has lived. Over 2 1/2 months and 1600 miles on water and over 11 dams. What moves a person to such an endeavor? Thank you for inspiring, sir. -additional pictures from Aelwen Wetherby and Pioneer Lodge. Music and soundtrack from the motion picture “A River Runs Through It”.


Video by Thomas Sena


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