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Dad’s Last Gift

piano BW

I’ve mentioned in previous posts and many of you know me personally so you may already know my Dad passed away a few months ago . Actually it was Nov 29th, 2011.  He meant a lot to me and my family and although, a flawed hero to be sure, he influenced so much of who I am.  He owned and operated hair salons here in Omaha and a founded a beauty school in Arkansas.   He did a lot of things in the beauty industry and was more than proud of my accomplishments as a hair professional.  Anyone who knew him would tell you what a proud father he was of all 6 of us kids.  He was of course most proud of me.  He was also a musician and….. OK OK I was kidding about the “most proud of me” thing.  I have a sister that is also a hairstylist in Tulsa, so it was probably me and her that he was most proud of.  The other 4 kids…eh.  Oh fine, there’s a contractor, ed psychologist/principle, airline pilot and a lawyer…..a butcher a baker a candlestick bla bla bla ya ya I’m sure he was proud of them too.  Let’s get back to my poignant story.   More…


Happy International Women’s Day!


That’s right it’s today.  I can’t imagine what we would do without you.  Once I graduated from Creighton Prep all boys high school, I decided I’d devote the rest of my life to women, style and everything good in this world, instead of stinky smelly men.  Ok perhaps I’m over simplifying and generalizing a bit here but just go with it cuz it’s in the spirit of this special day.  Suffice it to say I love women.  I love working with them and on them.  You know, their hair and stuff.  I really do.  Oh sure I’ve had plenty friends accuse me of having a less than masculine job.  I simply remind them that they are the ones that chose to work around a bunch of dudes all day, not me.  Nope, I’d choose women over guys any day.  🙂    My mom’s a woman.  My sisters are women.  My daughter’s a woman.  The women in my life are all women.  What’s not to love?



A Year I Can’t Forget

What does the New Year mean for you?  Is it just another day on the calendar or does it mark something more significant in the timeline of your life?
I haven’t written much throughout the holidays.  For the first time in my life, New Years did mean a lot to me.  Not just for the holiday or event itself but for what I hoped it would be or do at this moment in my life.  The reason I haven’t written is because I could not quite bring myself to collect my many scattered thoughts.  I had a less than pleasant last quarter to my year.  I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that my issues pale in comparison to all I have to be thankful for.  Even amidst some hard pills I had to swallow and finally deal with in my personal finances, T’eez has flourished and had one of the best years we’ve had in a long time and I’m happy to have gotten through it all and to be where we are now.  But this turned out to be small potatoes as my world was about to be truly rocked.
I previously blogged about the ending of a long relationship I was in.  Pow, right in the teeth.  Not good times.  Perhaps I’ve already written too much about this, so I won’t expound.  But I go on. More…


Fall Hair Style Trends