Dad’s Last Gift

I’ve mentioned in previous posts and many of you know me personally so you may already know my Dad passed away a few months ago . Actually it was Nov 29th, 2011.  He meant a lot to me and my family and although, a flawed hero to be sure, he influenced so much of who I am.  He owned and operated hair salons here in Omaha and a founded a beauty school in Arkansas.   He did a lot of things in the beauty industry and was more than proud of my accomplishments as a hair professional.  Anyone who knew him would tell you what a proud father he was of all 6 of us kids.  He was of course most proud of me.  He was also a musician and….. OK OK I was kidding about the “most proud of me” thing.  I have a sister that is also a hairstylist in Tulsa, so it was probably me and her that he was most proud of.  The other 4 kids…eh.  Oh fine, there’s a contractor, ed psychologist/principle, airline pilot and a lawyer…..a butcher a baker a candlestick bla bla bla ya ya I’m sure he was proud of them too.  Let’s get back to my poignant story.   (more…)

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