Beautiful Music

It was almost 7pm Tuesday night when I pulled up. I had played this gig a few times before and pretty much knew what to expect. I brought my kids with me as I’ve done before since its a family event. I arrived late as usual and didn’t have time to chat or even take in the surroundings for that matter before we started playing. The band was all there and set up in a courtyard outside. It was a beautiful night and it looked like we were the closing act of a party they must have had outside under tents. I had worked all day, went straight to get my kids which my daughter was feeling a little sicky and weepy, and then drove all the way out there, grabbing my only meal of the day on the way,…a drive thru grilled chicken simulation of food.


Where Were You 9/11

Like all of you, I remember where I was and how I felt on that morning 10 years ago. Events that had no equal in scale, horror, tragedy and significance to Americans and many others transpired before our eyes.
I was up early with a new 3 month old baby girl and 2 yr old son. I became aware of the 1st tower hit and then the 2nd terrifying hit on TV before I headed to the salon. Frightened and confused to what all might occur I assumed we should carry on with our day. I arrived at the salon but turned the TVs to the news and then called my brother. I have 3 brothers but I called the one that was a pilot for American Airlines and lived and flew out of Chicago. There was no answer. I watched along with my clients as the towers fell and then the Pentagon getting hit. My thoughts remained with my brother. (more…)

We got the dreamers disease

I am currently sitting outside Scooters at Village Point.  Yes, I’m being that guy that utilizes public WiFi on his portable whatever.  I’m vacillating between feeling pretty hip and looking like a douche bag.   I usually write in the privacy of my house in the middle of the night.  FYI it’s 2:00pm now so don’t call security.  I just picked up this new case/keyboard for my iPad.  It’s kind of amazing.  You snap the iPad into it face down and it works like a protective case.   (more…)

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