Yes, I choose to live here…

…then move already.

This isn’t going to be a rant as much as an anti-rant.  Defensive?  Sure, but there’s nothing wrong with defending that which has value or merit.
Complaining about Omaha and/or the weather is fine.  I can live with this.  I have my whole life cuz I was born and raised here.  I get it.  Discontentment or wanting more out of something you care about is normal.  It can even help.  Like speaking out about what’s wrong with America.  It’s part of the process that can make the country better.

But what I can’t stand is the Omaha bashing and  condescending nature of so many people when talking about how much better it is elsewhere.  That’s the point that I gotta jump off the waaaaaaambulance.  I was listening to a morning DJ this week going on and on about how great San Diego was and how pathetic Omaha was in comparison.  We all know about San Diego, it’s warm,… always.  Good for them.  And as I said at the start, if you truly want to live somewhere else then you should not be here.  Shame on you.  Carpe Diem and all that.  Get on with it.  OK, here it is,… if you live here and are always moaning about how it sucks here and that it’s better elsewhere, then YOU are the problem, not Omaha.

So what is Omaha if not the problem?  Now, I’m not going to turn this into a list of Omaha landmarks or get into the whole cost of living bla bla bla.  Nope.  I’m not even gonna mention Warren Buffet.  Think of this as more of a wake up call or a reminder.  Perhaps this isn’t a newsflash but Omaha is in the middle of the country.  We have weather here.  Hey guess what, it snows here in the winter.  Oh ya and it gets cold too…in the winter.  I know, weird right?   But then Spring comes and it gets warmer.  I know this cuz it’s done it every Spring since I was born.  Then Summer comes and it’s hot, like oh, I don’t know, San Diego?  Oh wait, it get’s humid sometimes in the Summer, so then it’s more like Florida.  How horrible.  Let’s move on.  Then the Fall comes and uh oh, it starts getting mild and cool.  Yikes.  It’s like a cycle that just keeps repeating over and over every year.  But I could be wrong.  Maybe next winter it will be hot and dry.  Ya, I’m sure of it.  Stay another year in hopes of this instead of moving to San Diego.  You never know.

I have a 4 wheel drive cuz I need it.  They also have these things called snow blowers, both work great.

So I guess there are a lot of people that would rather live  where it’s always warm or hot.  Just like there are people that like to eat the same thing everyday.  Mmmm, exciting.
I also heard this DJ talking about great it was to watch the sunset over the ocean.  You know what, he’s right.  It is beautiful.  I’ve seen it over a few different oceans.  See,

I’ve traveled to several places and seen it cuz living in Omaha, I can afford to travel.  Oops, I mentioned a financial benefit.  I said I wasn’t gonna do that.  Sorry.   Omaha doesn’t have an ocean.  I love the ocean.  So I  take vacations to the ocean when I can.  Have you ever seen a sunset over miles of unobstructed pairie vista?  Go ahead and laugh you Spencer Pratt you.  I challenge you to compare the beauty, especially with snow blanketing the land.  There’s a point just before the sun dips beneath the horizon that the icy trees light up like  billion LEDs.  Nature’s Christmas trees.  Sometimes I like  skiing in the mountains.  I love the mountains, so I travel to the mountains.  I also love the big city energy in New York.  I try to get there as much as I can.  Years ago I discovered when I visited friends that had moved to these “destination” cities.”  I often did more site seeing and area activities than they had done, even though they lived there.  They just hadn’t gotten to it yet.  Too busy fighting the daily grind in those places, I guess.  This brings me to my final point.
The “daily grind.”  To me this is can only be a reference to my morning coffee I pick up on my 10 minute commute to work.  I have out of town friends that take over an hour to get to work each way, everyday.

I live in Omaha because I want to live in Omaha.  I love traveling the world and will always work hard to enable me to do so.  But this is my home.  “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”  They’re not talking about synthetic snow stapled to the roof.  There’s something about living through the seasons.  It has something to do with the Midwestern work ethic, I think.  A fuller life?  I think so.  What kind of small talk is weather in San Diego?  “72 today. …Yep, tomorrow too,…again.  Ya,…yes I know this.”


I love Omaha.  Yep, I said it.  It’s liberating.  Try it.

Hey, school’s out, go sledding!  I bet Warren Buffet has an awesome toboggan.


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